Three Mobile Review

Three Mobile is a mobile services operator established in 2003. It offers 3G network coverage across the UK, boasts having coverage in over ninety seven percent of all UK. With a speciality in data and 3G internet, the most preferred phones are Smartphones but standard phones also work. With this kind of business, the company has had some rough time since its launch despite offering cheap deals for its services. The branded phones were daunted to be ugly and had poor coverage but those were just teething problems experienced in every business. On realising this, Three changed its handsets outlook and brought in a solid range of attractive and high tech phones coupled with the quality services which have wooed many customers. Though it has not been a smooth ride for Three, it has maintained consistency which has seen it become one of the leading mobile phone networks.

In getting its services closer to the subscribers, Three Mobile has established stores or shops which offer services ranging from SIM plans, Mobile phone handset sales, mobile broadband, SIMs for mobile broadband and phone upgrades among many other services. The main factors that Three Mobile prides itself in are; innovation in services based on the 3 G technology, great value price plans and unrivaled value for money on Smartphones. The strongest factor being 3 G internet, Three Mobile has greatly enhanced its services and has an impressive over ninety nine text and voice coverage in the whole of UK. This can easily be verified using the 3 coverage checker, a tool designed to ensure customer confidence.  Apart from the normal sales, Three Mobile also offers credit plans on its mobile services and monthly plans which also include an affordable range of mobile phones, these plan are great for people with poor credit history. This means that 3 has become a network of choice and a one stop communication store.

*News* Currently Three Mobile are offering some of the lowest prices on the new IPhone 5 monthly contract deals, which is sure to be the most wanted phone of 2012.

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