Mobile Application Help

What you need when you apply for a mobile contract

When you are ready to apply for a mobile phone contract you have to get ready to provide your chosen network with a number of pieces of information. The amount of information that a company requires of you is different with every one but they do share a few common factors. Here we will tell you what you need to hand before you hit the apply now but so your prepared to go a head with your application. The main common things you will be asked for are;

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Address
  3. Payment/Card Details
  4. Your Address(es) for up to the past three-five year

They are the basic requirement for applying for a mobile contract in the UK.

Other main feature that more strict mobile contracts and networks will require is proof of ID and down payment. These are usually only required when applying for high end phones with some of the biggest network companies like Vodafone and O2. If you wish to avoid these types of checks then try appling with T-Mobile, Orange or Three Mobile.

Mobile Application Help for People with Bad Credit

If you are trying to get a mobile phone contract and you have bad credit then you need to tread carefully as you apply. Applying for expensive contracts or applying with multiply networks at the same time can reduce your chance of being accepted. If you want to get the best chance of being accepted with any UK network then you need to read the rest of this guide.

Phone contracts for bad credit are hard to come across as most networks don’t like to advertise them anymore. Instead You need to be realistic with your choice of contract from the multiples of phone contract out there. Bad credit customer should try and aim to find a contract that costs no more than £35 per month. Other factors that people with bad credit need to consider is the age of the phone they apply for, new phone tend to have lower acceptance rates so find a phone that has been release more that two months ago. Bad credit customers are also limited to the networks that will accept them, most networks wont even consider your application if you have bad credit. To see which network accept bad credit customers click here. For a full guide on what is meant by a bad credit contract and how to find them see our bad credit phone contracts page.

Mobile Application Help for First Time Applicants (No Credit History)

Applying for a mobile phone contract for the first time is a little different than upgrading or switching networks. When upgrading or switching you have already built up a very specific profile of credit history for paying a mobile contract. As a first time applicant you don’t have this. You still will have a credit history but not one that involves owning and paying a mobile contract. For the is reason you need to thing carefully when applying for your first contract. Not only do you have to consider what you can afford but what a company looking at your banking history may think you can afford. For this reason you need to make sure you don’t get a contract that stretches your financing. Try to stick to low cost contracts and older phones. To see which networks have the best acceptance rates click here. You should always apply for a mobile phone contract direct with networks for the best acceptance rates.

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