Best Mobile Phones released 2011 to 2012

The whole Mobile phone market is about to be shuck up with the up coming release of 4G across the UK, So what have been the best phones to get in 2012 and will they support 4G? The smartphone market is fast picking up pace with Samsung replacing Nokia as the leading producer of smartphones and Android and iOS taking over as leading operating systems, plus the upcoming roll out of 4G coverage. With these developments in place, it is not a difficult task to pinpoint the best mobile phones that have been launched in 2012 so far.

Our first pick most certainly is the Galaxy S3 recently launched by Samsung, which runs on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich. With winning features such as 4G LTE, a fast processor and a voice assistant, the Galaxy S3 fast replaced Galaxy S2 as the leading phone in the smartphone market.

The HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE was recently launched in July and has managed to gain popularity already. It runs on Android and is available with most carriers on a two year contract basis. Similarly, one could also give Motorola Droid RAZR MAXXX a chance, a smartphone mostly known for its ‘insane battery life’. It was released earlier in January, supports 4G and is available on Orange, Three Mobile, T-Mobile and all the other leading UK networks.

The HTC One X, released this May, counts as yet another efficiently functioning smartphone that is supported by Android and has managed to secure a position in the top charts along with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a smartphone known to run on Android’s ICS and also offer a quick up-gradation to Jelly Bean.

While Microsoft’s Windows is still trying hard to catch up with Android and iOS that seem to be increasingly dominating the smartphone market, newer phones are being introduced into the market at an increasing rate. Hopefully, Apple’s iPhone 5 which is set to be release in only a few weeks will now help smartphone fanatics decide which of the giants has managed to produce the best mobile phone in the market in the year 2012. The IPhone 5 will also be supporting 4G for the upcoming upgrade across the UK.

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