Bad Credit Phone Contracts

What are bad credit phone contracts?

Bad credit phone contracts are the same as regular phone contracts. The only different is the mind set of the person looking for them. A lot of people that have bad credit don’t know what to look for in a phone contract that they can get accepted on. Networks have different levels of contracts(tiers) that they will allow different level of credit rated people on. If you know what the tiers are you can avoid applying for contracts that you wont get approved on.

What do i need to consider when finding a bad credit contract?

One of the main things that a person with bad credit should consider before applying for a contract is the price they can realistically pay for a mobile contract each month. All applicants for contracts no matter how big or small are now credit checked. So you also need to consider how much this check will highlight you can afford to pay for a mobile contract. Contracts below £30 a month are considered to be lower credit risks so are ideal for bad credit customers. The lower that monthly price is the lower the tier of credit check that will be carried out like mentioned above. So contract priced £30+ will be subject to severe credit check, below £30 a month normal credit checks, below £25 a month low credit check and so on down to SIM only contracts which have the lowest. You also need to consider where you apply for your mobile contract only a handful of networks take on bad credit customers and you have to apply direct with them.

What are the best networks to get bad credit phone contracts from?

The networks in the UK that have the best acceptance rate for bad credit customers are T-Mobile, Orange and Three Mobile. The acceptance rates for these networks are constantly changing so to see which networks are currently accepting the most amount of people click to see our acceptance rate table.

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